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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Paul R Johnson. 1982

Paperback at Amazon


Photographic images & captions by Paul R. Johnson with words by Harry Daniel, Mark C. Jorgensen & Paul R. Johnson  Published by Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association









The Forgotten Artist, Indians of Anza-Borrego and Their Rock Art

by Manfred Knaak, 1986

paperback at Amazon


Manfred Knaak's "The Forgotten Artist" is a beautifully rendered book about pictographs in the Anza-Borrego Desert of southern California where such Indian rock can be found. He shows comparatively how such rock art depictions may stand for ritual magic, or fertility rites, and perhaps shamanistic dreams. This books is visually beautiful with photographs illustrating this ancient art form of the Americas, which is not too different from their counterparts worldwide.





Keepers of the Sandbox (A Becker Series Mystery)

by Gregory Picard and Wendy Gorham


The stark desert wilderness of the Mojave is home to incredible beauty and incredible evil. State Park Ranger Chris Becker and his young daughter Allie, find themselves alone in this harsh world. As they must suddenly learn to navigate the pitfalls of a single-parent life, without Allie’s mother, there is an even great danger lurking. Gunshots in the night and a missing person case force Chris onto a trail of deception and greed that will lead him into ever-increasing peril. $3.99 on Amazon Kindle, April 17, 2017.








Tales from the Parks: My Adventures as a Park Ranger

by Russell Cahill


If a bear lumbers into a hotel in the middle of the night, how do you get it to leave? Join former National Park Ranger Russell Cahill for this and other true life adventures. Join him as he lowers terrified climbers down the sheer cliffs at Yosemite, follow along as he traces the source of the "death lights" on the remote coast of Maui, and be with him as he creates chaos in the basement of the White House. From a childhood spent in the state parks of California to protecting the lands in the farthest reaches of the United States, the author will keep you guessing about what comes next. Readers will meet President Nixon, Charles and Ann Morrow Lindbergh, Governors Jerry Brown and Jay Hammond, and a host of characters who shaped the national and state parks during the past century. There are descriptions of building a cabin with hand tools in remote Alaska, volcanic eruptions and the biggest tsunami ever witnessed. Lace up your boots, and come along.

Published Jun 13, 2016, Paperback $15.95, $5.99 auto-delivered wirelessly, Amazon





Kolea, A Story of Hawai'i and Beyond

by Russell Cahill


To paradise they sailed — There once was a world where hula dancers were experts at spear fighting, where a blind warrior taught his students healing arts... where adventure ruled — well as savage fighting. And where young people could build and sail a canoe on voyages to unknown lands. where danger waited... That world was Hawai’i.

Published June 1, 2016, Kindle $4.99, Paperback $13.95, Amazon







The Extraordinary Life of Charles Pomeroy Stone: Soldier, Surveyor, Pasha, Engineer

Hardcover December 2015, By Blaine Lamb


In the winter of 1861, as the secession crisis came to a head, an obscure military engineer, Charles Pomeroy Stone, emerged as the rallying point for the defense of Washington, D.C. against rebel attack. He was protector of the newly elected president and right-hand man of the army’s commanding general, General Winfield Scott, under whom he had served with distinction during the Mexican–American War. Nevertheless, with in a year, this same hero sat in a military prison accused of incompetence and possible treason.







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